Gangways are used to get easy access  to and from the vessels when  they are next to the jetty for loading. They can also serve as an escape route. Our gangways are always customized to fit the requirements of our customers. The vertical range and angle depends on the distance to the jetty and the type of vessels to be loaded.

For example, our product is suitable for vessels like: Panamax, Handysize and Coaster, as well as river vessels. It can also be used in floating mode to reduce all movements caused by tide and loading the ship.

Construction of gangways

  • A steel frame and platform to fixate the gangway to the construction of the jetty.
  • An aluminium sliding ladder.
  • An aluminium stair at the end.
  • A remote control for operation.
  • All relevant structures are EExd (pressure resistant) or EExi (internally secured)
  • The complete controls and a control unit for operation.

Take a look at our references, like the gangway in Rotterdam for Engicon NV.