Hosereels provide the possibility to degas during loading. They can also be used to supply nitrogen. Our hosereels are available in different reel sizes, hose sizes, thickness and length.  These installations are custom made by Delmeco from ¾”  up to 8”.

Hosereels consist of:

  • A vapor discharged hosereel (ATEX zone 1)
  • A nitrogen hosereel (ATEX zone 1)
  • A frame  for support, including a platform for access.
  • Radiographic remote controls for operation and/-or a spring powered return / hand crank.
  • All relevant structures can be executed as EExd (pressure resistant) or EExi (intrinsically secured).
  • The complete controls and  a control unit for operating the hosereel installation.

Also check our references, like the construction of a new hosereel installation for LBC Tank Terminals in Rotterdam.