Engicon N.V (Geldof)

LBC Tank Terminals, Rotterdam

Engicon N.V. (Geldof), Harelbeke, Belgium, is a leading European supplier of ‘integrated steel solutions’ for the storage, handling and processing of bulk liquids, solids and gasses.

LBC Rotterdam is located right in the petrochemical heart of the largest port in Europe. The storage tanks and related infrastructure can handle almost all (chemical) liquids. It can accommodate different transport modes via water, road and rail. In addition to storage, the site offers blending, formulating, IBC filling, drumming, packaging and warehousing services.

For Engicon N.V. the project includes among others the realization of 16 new storage tanks. Engicon N.V will not only build and supply the 16 tanks and the superstructure of the jetty, pipes, storage tanks and related infrastructure.

Engicon N.V. has given Delmeco Projecten the order for the design and build of 2 new hose towers (total of 27+9 product lines). All parts are build on the new Jetty.

The hose tower is build to maneuver hoses on the ships for the loading and unloading. The load can consist of various chemicals.

The order required mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation for the following:

  • The customer-specific design, engineering and drawing of the hose towers (including the 36 product lines.
  • The construction of the installation pre-fab at Delmeco. The installation consisted of;
    • 3 skid frames for the hose towers;
    • 3 hydraulic knuckle boom cranes with a reach of 15,5 meter including a ATEX certified winch and hydraulic unit ;
    • 36 hydraulic sliding beams with a reach of 4 meters;
    • 3 control cabinets;
    • 27 8” hoses and 9 6” hoses including hose-bun/hose-sling for the loading of chemicals;
    • Radiographically controlled remotes for the control of the hose towers.
    • All the relevant components are EExd (pressure resistant) or EExi (intrinsically safe).
  • The execution of a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) at Delmeco.
  • The transportation of the complete installation to LBC Rotterdam.
  • The assembly, connecting and commissioning of the complete installation on the new jetty.
  • Perform the SAT (Site Acceptance Test) on location.
  • Provide training for the operators and technical staff of LBC.