Vesta Terminal Flushing B.V.


Vesta Terminal Flushing B.V. (VTF) is a tank terminal with three locations in Vlissingen. Vesta’s main activity is the storage and transferral of a wide range of petroleum products and bio fuels. Vesta is a subdivision of the worldwide Mercuria Energy Group.

When liquids are transferred to and from ships, hoses are used to make the connection between the ship and the installation close to the terminal. In order to handle them properly, a hosetower is used. Delmeco designed, provided and installed a hosetower for Vesta Terminal Flushing B.V. for the handling of hoses.

The assignment comprised:

  • The prefab construction of the hose tower (after execution of the engineering within Delmeco Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau).
  • The installation mainly consists of:
    • A nautical telescope crane;
    • 4 hydraulic winches, 8 hosebuns (hose guide) and 4 12-metre-long 10” hoses;
    • A support construction incl. platform and guard;
    • A drip can construction for catching any residual liquids from the hoses;
    • A waiting room for operators;
    • A hydraulic and electrical installation incl. radiographic control;
    • A fire fighting system incl. nozzles.
  • Constructing the control panel;
  • Installing (E and W) on location at Vesta, Vlissingen;
  • Running a SAT (Site Acceptance Test) on location at Vesta.

For this project, it was Delmeco’s responsibility to complete the hosetower and deliver it turn-key and operating.