Rubis Terminal Rotterdam B.V.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Rubis Terminal B.V. Rotterdam is a state-of-the-art terminal for the storage of mineral oil products and chemicals in the heart of the Botlek.

For Rubis Terminal B.V. this project contains the realization of 15 new storage tanks, with piping and infrastructure.

Rubis Terminal has commissioned Delmeco Projects to design and build a new hosetower with 5 product connections with the possibility of expanding to 14 product connections.

The intension of the hosetower is to maneuver hoses to and from a ship for loading and unloading fluids. The fluids can consist of various types of oil products and / or chemicals.

The order consisted of the following disciplines for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation:

  • Customer specifically design, engineering and drawings of the hosetower (including 5 hoses);
  • Building the prefab installation at Delmeco. The installation consists mainly of:
    • A steel frame as base for the hosetower;
    • A hydraulic nautical telescope crane with a range of 15.5 meters, including ATEX certified hydraulic winch and hydraulic power unit (HPU);
    • 5 pieces of hydraulic slidingbeams with a range of 3 meters;
    • Control cabinet;
    • 5 hoses 6″ (including hose-bun/hose-sling) for the loading of oil products and/or chemicals;
    • Radiographic remote control for the operation of the hosetower. All relevant components are EExd (pressure-resistant) or EExi (intrinsically safe).
  • Performing a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) at Delmeco;
  • Transporting the entire installation to Rubis Terminal BV Rotterdam;
  • Assembling, connecting and commissioning the complete installation on the jetty;
  • Performing a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) on location;
  • Providing training for the operators and technicians of Rubis Terminal BV.

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